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CareJobFinder.org is a free service designed to take the strain out of recruitment in the social care sector.

We’ve put 57,500 prospective recruits in contact with 4,839 employers since we launched on 1st February 2010.

Looking for a job in social care?

The system is simple! Prospective recruits need to complete one online form about the sort of work they would like to do and CareJobFinder.org will locate at least 10 employers who can contact the recruit to discuss available jobs.


Employers: Recruiting social care workers for your business?

The system is simple! All that employers need to do is create an account online and provide some details about their organisation. CareJobFinder.org will send details of prospective recruits in their local area by e-mail as soon as they become available. Employers can then begin their standard recruitment and retention procedure straight away. This service is entirely free to use and is supported by members of the Care Providers’ Alliance.


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United Kingdom Homecare Association

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Association for Real Change Ceretas
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