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About prospective recruits

CareJobFinder - About the website

Who runs is developed and run by the United Kingdom Homecare Association Ltd (UKHCA) with generous support from the Department of Health. UKHCA is a not-for-profit organisation.

Which employers can use

The service is available to care services registered with the appropriate statutory regulator as a homecare agency (including extra care housing schemes); a care home (with or without nursing); or a registered housing support service in Scotland.

Can local authority-run homecare teams and care homes join?

Yes. Any council-run homecare service or care-home registered with the appropriate regulator can use

Can employers in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland use the service?

Yes, is open to registered care services in all four UK administrations.

Can day centres use

Sorry, no. Day centres are not required to register with the regulator and the service is not currently available to them.

Does do a criminal record check on prospective recruits before I get their details?

No. is a free service to help prospective careworkers contact employers in their local area. We do not undertake any vetting procedures on your behalf. You should follow your organisation's existing policy and procedure on obtaining criminal record disclosures.

Where can I get help obtaining a criminal record check on a prospective recruit?

United Kingdom Homecare Association Ltd, who run, have a Disclosure Service that acts as an "umbrella body" with the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) for England and Wales, and with Disclosure Scotland and Access Northern Ireland (AccessNI). The Disclosure Service also works with care homes, extra-care housing schemes and other social care employers. More information can be found at

Can private individuals use to recruit personal assistants (PAs)?

Sorry, no. The service is only available to regulated care services. It is, however, available to employment agencies who are regulated as homecare agencies and who introduce care workers for employment by private individuals. We suggest that private individuals who want to employ a personal assistant should contact their local authority social services department, who should be able to recommend local services offering advice and suggestions.

Do you check that organisations using are registered with the appropriate statutory regulator?

Yes. We verify the details of every account that is set-up on before organisations can start to receive details of prospective recruits.

CareJobFinder - Starting to use

How do I get started using

To get started first create an account by clicking the “Employer Sign-up” link, then provide the details about your business we ask for and we’ll start sending you details of recruits from mid-February 2009.

Our organisation has more than one location. Can each one join the service?

Yes. To get the most out of the service, we need to know where each business is located. This is because we match prospective recruits to care services in their local area using the candidate’s postcode and that of the employer. The only stipulation is that each location must be registered with the appropriate statutory regulator and that you set up a separate account for each location.

We provide services in more than one post code area, can we register more than once to recruit in each of the areas we work in?

Sorry, no. You can only register each branch location once. We check each application to to ensure that each organisation is registered with the appropriate regulator, and that the address provided matches the regulators records. Once you have set up an account you can amend the postcode we use to match your business to prospective recruits by amending your details at:

Once you have logged in, go to: modify details then click on recruit matching & delivery.

Is there a fee to start using

No. Creating an account and using is entirely free.

We don’t have e-mail at our office, will you send us details of prospective recruits by post?

Sorry, no. By using the Internet and e-mail only we keep our costs down and can run this service free of charge.

I am having difficulty creating an account on, can you help?

Yes. We can supply limited support to help you create an account using this website. Please e-mail or telephone 020 8661 8188 between 09:00 and 17:00 hrs Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.


When will you send me details of prospective recruits?

We'll start sending providers details of prospective recruits from mid-February 2010, in time for the Department of Health’s national advertising campaign. We are expecting high numbers of candidates during the first eight weeks of the campaign.

How long will service operate?

UKHCA intends to keep running after the advertising has finished.

Can you prove that the service works?

Yes. We ran a pilot project in 2009 and were able to send details of over 3,300 prospective recruits to over 1,600 employers.

Is really free to use?

Yes. The service was established with generous support from the Department of Health to increase the number of people working in social care. No fees are charged to providers to create an account, or to receive details of prospective recruits.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. The service really is free. It has been designed to help all registered care services recruit much-needed staff to the social care sector. UKHCA, who run the service, are a not-for-profit organisation.

Can I stop receiving details of recruits?

Yes. All you need to do is to log-in to your account and uncheck the “Vacancies” box. If you change your mind, you can start receiving details again by re-checking this option in your account details.

What if we only want to receive details of certain recruits? has been set up to enable employers to make contact with the widest range of prospective recruits in their local area. We will refer all candidates interested in working for your type of organisation. We do ask candidates a range of questions about their experience, work preferences and availability, and share that information with you. You can then decide whether to contact the candidate and start your normal recruitment and selection process.

I received details of recruits from UKHCA in 2009, do I still need to create an account with

Yes. The pilot project run in 2009 for UKHCA's member organisations will be discontinued from February 2010. You should create a new account on for each of your business locations.

About prospective recruits

Where do the prospective recruits come from?

Many of the prospective recruits will have heard about from the Department of Health's national advertising campaign which runs between February and March 2010. Others will have followed a link from the social care careers website ( or heard about it from JobCentre Plus.

What experience will prospective recruits already have? will refer people from a wide range of backgrounds and differing experience. From our pilot project in 2009, we know that three quarters of applicants had some prior experience in a caring role, including those with care experience as an informal carer. When we send you details of a prospective recuit, we will indicate whether the candidate has told us that they have prior care experience. Some candidates may not have any prior care experience, but will be keen to participate in the induction training that your organisation offers.

How much information will send me about prospective recruits?

Each time a prospective recruit in your area submits their details and gives us permission to share them with you, we will send you an e-mail giving the candidate’s contact details; an indication of the number of hours of work they would like; an indication of any prior care experience; and how quickly they would like to start working. You can then contact the candidate and begin your usual recruitment and selection process.

How does match recruits to my business?

We ask all recruits what type of settings they would like to work in (a homecare agency, extra care housing scheme, a care home or a registered housing support service in Scotland). We then select the closest businesses to the candidate’s home address. This is an automated process, and staff at do not interview or make value judgements on the candidate's suitability for your business.

How do I know the recruits will be suitable for my business? is designed to help you contact prospective recruits in your local area. Your normal recruitment and selection procedures, which will include completion of an application form, an interview and pre-employment checks, should help you decide whether the candidate is suitable.

Will prospective recruits know they will usually need a criminal record disclosure to work in social care?

Yes. As soon as prospective recruits submit their details to, they receive a comprehensive e-mail describing the range of pre-employment checks they can expect. We explain what a criminal record disclosure is. We also explain that they may be asked to declare any previous convictions, cautions or bind-overs that would otherwise be "spent" under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

Got a question?

If you have a question that you can't answer from this page, please send it from here. We will do our best to answer it quickly and share our answer on this page with other employers.

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