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Before you set-up an account you need to know the following

CareJobFinder.org is available to social care services regulated by CQC, CSSIW, The Care Commission or RQIA. The services are:

  • Care homes, including care homes with nursing
  • Homecare agencies
  • Homecare agencies providing a ‘live-in’ service
  • Extra care housing schemes
  • Housing support services

Please do not create an account if your service is not described above, or is not registered with one of the regulators, above.

We use the postcode of your business to work out which recruits' details to send you. To make the best use of CareJobFinder.org and attract the highest number of prospective recruits:

  • You should create an account for each address where you employ social care staff, for example your care home or your homecare agency office
  • You should not create an account for addresses where you do not employ care staff, for example a head office that does not provide or arrange care services at that address.

You can also read our Frequently Asked Questions for employers.

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