Terms and Conditions

I agree that CareJobFinder.org can send information that I have supplied to employers who may contact me by telephone and/or e-mail to discuss opportunities to work as a care worker. I understand that submitting this information to CareJobFinder.org does not constitute any acceptance of or part of a contract of employment with CareJobFinder.org. I also understand that reference to "employers" may include organisations that act as recruitment agencies, which may help me obtain work where I am employed directly by a third party.

Your privacy is important to us. CareJobFinder.org will ask employers not to use your personal details for any other purpose than helping you find suitable work in social care, and to destroy your details once they are no longer needed. CareJobFinder.org may contact you by e-mail occasionally to ask whether you were able to obtain work through CareJobFinder.org, or to provide you with information about working in social care.

CareJobFinder.org will only hold your personal details for as long as they are needed. We will send you an e-mail with a list of the employers who have received your details and about working in social care. We may also contact you by e-mail in the future to find out whether you were able to obtain a job with an employer.

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